Brand New BabyIf you are looking for a homebirth midwife serving Tulsa, or Central and Eastern Oklahoma, you are in the right place!

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I offer woman led, evidence-based maternity care for women who want to have safe, natural homebirths. My services include:Sarah Foster, Midwife, performs newborn exam.

     Prenatal care
     Well-baby, and
     Well-woman care

I serve women in North-Central and Eastern Oklahoma; including Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Muskogee, and all location within a 2 hour radius of these cities.

I also offer doula/montrice services for women who prefer to birth in a hospital setting but wish to have an expert in natural labor present to assist them.

Finally, I offer placenta encapsulation for all women, regardless of where you received your care.


Oklahoma Midwife Sarah Foster at her home in the country.

Oklahoma Midwife Sarah Foster at her home in the country.

You can Contact me by phone or email and we can set a time to meet.

If you’re from Eastern or Central Oklahoma, don’t worry! Even though I’m near Tulsa, I travel up to 2 hours in any direction. Chances are that I can help you have a great birth, wherever you are!

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