About Sarah

"I love to work with the midwives in my practice! Working together we can provide a much higher level of care."

“I love to work with the midwives in my practice! Working together we can provide a much higher level of care.”

Sarah is an Oklahoma midwife serving Northern, Eastern, and Central Oklahoma. She is one of the members of the Trimesters Maternity Group of Midwives with Heather Forrest, CPM and Brandi Stone, CPM and is the current Director of the Heartland Midwives Association.  She has experience in a variety of settings, including homes, birth centers, and hospitals.

She received her academic training through the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program and a lengthy clinical apprenticeship with Oklahoma midwives Ruth Cobb, CNMMargarett Scott, CPM, and Anne Coffee, TM.

Sarah is passionate about education and is a life-long learner. In addition to her midwifery training she has completed the Ancient Art Midwifery Institute’s  “Advanced Midwifery Skills Workshop”,  the CAPPA Doula and Childbirth Educator training, and a very long list of continuing education courses in midwifery related subject like water birth, herbalism, and essential oils.  Additionally, she has completed college courses in nutrition, medical ethics, and medical terminology and currently attends Northeastern State University where she is a sociology major. She hopes to use her sociology degree to help shape public policy on birth and other women’s health issues. She is certified in Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR/AED for Healthcare Providers.



Sarah at her home in the country.


“I believe, and research confirms, that childbirth is a normal, physiological function that is best supported by good nutrition, empowerment of the mother, and attentive monitoring by an educated provider. I believe that the health and safety of mother and infant can best be protected when preparation for birth is regarded as a mutual responsibility of client and midwife and I collaborate with my clients about all care decisions. I expect a mother to educate herself so that she may make truly informed choices about her pregnancy and birth because I believe that an essential component of midwifery care is the education of the mother/family, and the sense of personal responsibility and empowerment that this education fosters. That is the central focus of the care that I provide.”





Homebirth midwives are not medical professionals. They are not a doctors or a nurses and do not provide medical treatment or diagnosis. They do not carry malpractice insurance. Homebirth midwives only monitor and assist in the natural, physiological function of pregnancy and childbirth. If, during your pregnancy or birth, there is an indication that your condition has moved outside of the boundaries of normal, physiological pregnancy or birth you will be urged to seek medical care.