Midwifery Services

A midwife usually takes the place of an OB in a normal, healthy pregnancy. We use everything at our disposal, like nutrition and herbs, to help you stay really healthy during your pregnancy and postpartum. As long as everyone remains healthy we do all your testing (such as blood work, gestational diabetes and group B strep screenings, and ultrasounds), see you for your prenatal visits, attend your birth, and take care of you and baby during your postpartum. If there is ever an indication that you need care from a doctor we either refer you to one to address a specific issue (like a UTI) or we transfer your care to one who can manage your complication (like preeclampsia.)

My midwifery services include the following:

Prenatal Care

Each appointment is 30 min to 1 hour to allow enough time for lots of questions. Each appointment may consist of:

  • listening to the baby’s heart beat
  • checking your vitals
  • testing your urine
  • measuring your baby’s growth
  • discussing nutritional advice
  • providing emotional support
  • answering your questions or addressing your concerns

You will come to appointments on the usual OB schedule – starting with monthly visits, then moving to a visit every other week near the end of your pregnancy, and finally moving to weekly through your last month of pregnancy.

Laboratory Testing

You will get prenatal labs shortly after your first visit. You will be offered the same tests on the same schedule that most doctors use. You have the option to accept or decline testing. Lab feed are not included in the midwifery services fee but your private insurance or Medicaid will pay for your prenatal labs in most cases. In the case that you do not have private insurance or Medicaid cash discounts make testing very affordable.

Labor and Birth Care

During your labor I am available to provide the emotional and physical support that you need, and also to address any complications or emergencies that arise.

When you go into labor we will communicate by phone until you feel like you need me to be there, whether that is a physical or emotional need. When I get there I will monitor you and your baby to confirm that everyone is doing well and that labor is progressing normally. I will also provide emergency management as needed.

Postpartum Care

I will visit you in the first few days after your birth to assure that everything is progressing normally, then I will visit twice more, around the 2nd, and 6th week, in order to monitor your recovery and address any questions or concerns you have. I will handle filing the birth certificate, performing the newborn screening, and all of the other details of birth usually handled by the hospital. I also provide support and referral for breastfeeding issues, emotional support and PPD/baby blues avoidance counseling. I provide complimentary placenta encapsulation for all of my midwifery clients, as desired.

In the unlikely event that you need medical care during your pregnancy or childbirth, you will be referred to an OBGYN of your choice (during pregnancy) or transported to the hospital of your choice (during labor), where you will be cared for as a drop-in. If transport becomes necessary, I will come with you to the hospital to continue to provide emotional support and consultation. You are welcome to arrange your own back-up physician, and I will be happy to provide a list of homebirth friendly doctors in your area.


Fee for service: $3200

Ask about self-pay discounts.