You might have trouble going to sleep or trouble staying asleep. Sometimes this is caused by the discomfort of your changing body, and you can resolve it by getting more or bigger pillows that support your body in a comfortable position.  Another cause of insomnia is low blood sugar, which may wake you at night. Having a small snack when you find yourself awake at night may help, and you might want to keep a high protein snack near your bed. Finally, you might find that emotional stresses keep you awake. If that is case, it may help to find a hypnotherapy script to listen to at bedtime; to help you learn to relax your mind, or you may find relief with a dose of skullcap infusion (1 to 10 drops), warm milk, or chamomile tea. If you find yourself waking frequently to urinate, please let your health care provider know to check for a urinary tract infection.

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