What made you want to be a midwife?

One of the questions I am often asked is “What made you want to be a midwife?” I have to admit that I never really know how to answer that. It’s not like I haven’t ever thought about it. Actually, through my life, I have answered the question, “What made you want to _________.”, too many times to count. It seems like I’ve found it in almost every job interview, volunteer application, and school admission package that I’ve ever completed. Frankly, I have yet to figure out what people are looking for. What are good reasons for wanting to do things? What are bad reasons? I have given many answers, some successful and others not, but they were, at least, all true. So, to answer the question “What made you want to be a midwife?” I will just state my truth and hope it is found acceptable by whoever is currently “The Decider”.

 The truth is, I do not *want* to be a midwife. I *am* a midwife, whether I want to be or not. I have worked at many other jobs, but when I was working in other jobs, I was always a midwife who was working at something else, and never a something else who had worked in midwifery. The truth is, I just DO have that gift that allows one woman to help another woman have faith enough in her body to allow it to bring out her baby gently and peacefully. I understand midwifery. I know that it is not about what you do, but about what you didn’t have to do. I actually enjoy the quiet, powerful waiting of midwifery, and the exciting work of bringing out the baby. I am able to handle stress without panic. I know how radiate birth-space, and am not afraid to chase poop with a fishnet. These, and so many other things, make me know I am a midwife. So, I guess the answer to “Why did you want to be a midwife?” is…. because I couldn’t not be a midwife, even if I tried.

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